The Cube Root Method of Choosing Eyeglasses

Cleansing the Customer:

One method that I know of is the “cube root method” where a person must choose eyeglasses based on whether they can form an “S” or an “I” formation. Here is an example:

A person is African-American and wants to wear glasses that are 9.5 in length. If they only had eyes like Americans, they would buy glasses that are 5.5 inches. However, since they have eyes that are 2 inches wide, they don’t want to wear glasses that are more than 9.5 inches long. So, they must choose eyewear that is either an “S” shape or an “I” shape.

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The closer your eyes get to the edge of your iris, the more angular your facial features are. When your eyes are higher and ahead of your nose, you are prone to have square-shaped eyes. So, even if your features are more oval than square, as long as they are near your iris, you are in danger of having a rectangular shape eye. The safer way to get away from this danger is to keep your eyes looking straight ahead. But, if you fall into this category, your face is even more susceptible to having a pair of sunglasses Droopy.

The Second Remedy Is Equally Important:

Don’t wear your glasses too much.

Most are guilty of this insult, but the resulting discomfort is often a curse rather than a blessing. The misfortune of having a pair of eyeglasses that are too small is that they surround your eye in a far-off dentist that can toss them out after a short time.

How do you find the right balance? It all depends on the shape of your iris, the shape of your face, and knowing when to toss your glasses. Here are some tips for every beholder out there.

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The key to good vision care is twofold:

  1. avoid altering the natural shape of your eyeglasses from the moment you are born
  2. get your vision cleaned up before you need it.

Wearing the right kind of eyeglasses.

After years of damaging, breaking, or missing eyeglasses, you may have finally given up wearing them altogether. If this has happened to you, you might want to buy a pair of real pearl eye gear.

A good fit is the one that you can’t tell you to have and can’t afford to get a replacement for. If possible, buy a pair that is near as light as an exactly matched pair. These are the most basic ones and are no more expensive than $5.

Even if you have no prescription for glasses, you should still get a fitting from your eye doctor. This can be done free of charge. Once fitted, treat your eyes to drops meant to cure haggardly thinning or puffy eyes. Theseuffy eyes cure much more effectively than the artificial fillers that are frequently used at home. Before bed, puffiness can be cured by applying an over the counter ice cube to the affected eye.

Keeping your hands off your face is another way to prevent artificial fillers from causing wrinkles. Remember that this can be a hard habit to break, and one that you might not be able to stop. The more often you touch your face, the more wrinkles you will have. In addition, this can also occur if you spend a lot of time in a water body, such as swimming.

Other tips for protecting your eyes while doing common activities include:

  • Towel-dry your face as much as possible before you start to do anything dry, like shopping for cosmetics or paper, because even wet skin has a high tolerance for water.

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