Is A Hair Blow dryer Good Or Bad For Your Hair?

A hairdryer is a common handy electrical device used by many people around the world. Millions of these handy gadgets are produced every year, and they continue to be purchased by people who wish to do their hairstyling at home.

So how do you know if your hairdryer is doing you more harm than good? It might surprise you to find out that a hairdryer isn’t likely to damage your hair permanently. If you use your dryer properly, it might even help you save money on your next haircut!

What a Hairdryer Can Do for You

A decent dryer will surely save you money on your next haircuts, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a good one for you. If you want to save on your next haircut, you can surely help your money, by finding a good dryer that is cheap but serves it properly. There are two types of dryers you can buy, and they don’t just cost more or sound more expensive, they also act differently when you use them.

There are ionic hair dryers, which leave your hair smooth and glossy, and ceramic hair dryers, which emit ions that help neutralize the positive ions in your hair, making it straighter and shinier. To find the right dryer for you, look for one that has one of these features.

How to Use a Dryer

Here’s a step by step guide to help you use your dryer correctly:

  1. Bake your hair for five to ten minutes using a heat block. This will ensure that your hair absorbs just enough heat to safely dry it.
  2. While you are waiting, brush your hair with a regular hairbrush to smooth out the knots.
  3. Put on a styling dry or medium-viscosity hair conditioner to help tame flyaway ends and frizz.
  4. At this point, you are probably already guessed what step number one is, so you might as well skip it and move straight to step two.
  5. Use your dryer on sections of your hair until you have reached the length you desire. The optimum time for drying is between 50 and 60 minutes.
  6. Evenly distribute the heat generated by the dryer between each of the sections.
  7. How hot is the dryer? Is it too hot? Too light? Too hot? Keep checking your dryer to make sure that it is doing the job you want it to do.
  8. Once you are done with all sections of hair, or if some sections are harder to dry, let your dryer sit for a minute or two longer.

Here’s a good tip. If you have some hair sections that were dried by the dryer and want to shape them, you can do so with a round brush. Dampen the brush slightly and glide it across the surface of the hair to create some lift.

Damaged HairĀ 

Nowadays, hair damage is becoming a common problem with teenagers and younger people. Dark under-eye circles, as well as many other problems, are a constant problem with these age groups. Unfortunately, there is little they can do about it, other than hiding under sunglasses and hiding behind carefully unfurled bangs.

If you’re one of these people, you can prevent further damage to your hair by following a few simple precautions.

  1. Don’t wash your hair too often. Each time it gets a wash, it gets exposed to environmental damage, which makes it easier for moisture to evaporate and for the hair to become brittle.
  2. Don’t apply hair products to your hair. Most of these contain ingredients that are too harsh for modern hair, and they may cause further damage to your hair. Instead, use shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for dry hair.
  3. Avoid sleeping with your hair in a ponytail or putting it in a ponytail so often. Once the hair becomes dry, it is more vulnerable to being broken.
  4. Get regular trims. Even if you want to be a shaggy parent, the kids are probably going to destroy it.
  5. Don’t use a dryer, spray, or any other heat appliance on your hair. Instead, let your hair go natural.

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