Five Ways to Stay Sane During the Dreaded Two-Week Wait

Whether it is your first time or your sixth, the dreaded two-week period between ovulation and when you would normally get your period can be excruciating. Many couples spend this time completely focused on babies and pregnancy, which can make the anxiety that much more severe. Also, if pregnancy does not occur during this cycle, all of the hopes and plans that were discussed can make getting your menstrual period feel like a crushing blow. Instead, focus on something else entirely and hopefully, the time will fly by. 

1. Plan a Vacation

You probably will not be able to plan a vacation for every two-week wait, but if it has been a few cycles without a pregnancy, the tension maybe build. If you have a vacation coming up, the two weeks between ovulation and the end of your cycle are a great time to take them. Just try to avoid taking time off of work and sitting home with nothing to do but think, worry and obsess. 

2. Focus On Pampering Yourself

Keep yourself busy with things that will also keep you relaxed and feeling good. Take a cooking class, get your hair done or schedule a massage. Try to do different things throughout the two-week period, but try to plan it all out in advance. When the two-week period comes, you may already be consumed in worry and may not actually end up doing these nice things for yourself. 

3. Spend Some Quality Time With Your Partner

Go out on a few dates with your partner during this time. Enjoy yourselves! When the baby comes, it will be much more difficult to find time to do things like going out to dinner, going to the movies, bowling or playing mini-golf. These are simple things, but now is the time to enjoy them while you have the freedom to do so. Another bonus is that you are likely to strengthen your relationship with your partner with more quality time spent together, and that can only help you get through the sleepless nights and stressful days that lie ahead. 

4. Join a Forum With Others in the Same Situation

As they say, misery loves company. If you can find an active forum with women who are on your cycle, the effects of such support can be immeasurable. Undoubtedly, at the end of the cycle, some women will get a Big Fat Positive on a pregnancy test and others will not. Again, this can be a centre of support. If you happen to get a Big Fat Positive, you can rejoice with others in your situation. If you do not, you will know that you are not alone and can give and take support from others who are in your precise situation. 

5. Start a Great (Pregnancy Unrelated) Book

Is there a book that you have been wanting to read? Pick it up and start reading. A real page-turner will give you the opportunity to put your feet up while keeping your mind off your problems.

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