Five Unexpected Things Newly Pregnant Couples Should Know

Pregnancy to some may be the fulfilment of a dream shared with the one they love or a pleasant or scary surprise that changes one’s existence forever. Most couples know of the more obvious things to expect during pregnancy such as the woman’s changing body, cravings and morning sickness but what of the less obvious ones? Here are five unexpected things newly pregnant couples should know.

Couvade Syndrome 

In heterosexual relationships, it is common for the man to experience some of the same symptoms as the woman. The condition is known as Couvade Syndrome and is believed to be a psychiatric disorder. Many causes have been proposed for the condition with some doctors believing it is a reaction of the male for feeling guilty about impregnating the woman. Others argue that it is a reaction to the changing of the man’s social role and is the body’s way of dealing with such change.  Most men experience only minor symptoms such as weight gain, nausea and food cravings leaving most of the harsher symptoms unfortunately to the Mother.  

Social Media Fame

One gift that living in the era of the Internet has given us is the ability to connect and share information with others. Pregnancy can be a daunting prospect and sometimes even your closest friends don’t have the ability to empathise with your pregnancy. Take advantage of sites such as and these sites will provide both of you with reassurances that you are not going through the pregnancy alone. 

New Roles in Your Relationship

As the pregnancy continues forward it is common for the Mother to become more and more focused on the incoming baby. Suddenly the partner goes from being the sole focus of the Mother’s love to a secondary figure. When the baby is born it is important for both parents to understand this shift and to accept it as a part of being a new parent. Eventually, the love between the two parents will naturally grow stronger for you now share in the creation of a little human. 

Shifting Circadian Rhythms

As the pregnancy progresses further and further sleep will become a more difficult prospect than ever before. The Mother will have to deal with a variety of uncomfortable issues from the constant need to wake up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom to conditions such as “postural supine hypotension” which can sometimes cause dizziness and vomiting when lying on your back. After the child is born and long into its life your bed may become a bed for three so be prepared to say goodbye to sleep for the foreseeable future. 

A Change in Your Identity

People might start to define you through what you are about to become. Even your friends may not fully know how to deal with your impending parenthood. Don’t let these things worry you. You are defined by whatever you want to be no one is just a Father or just a Mother pregnancy changes a lot of things but not your previous achievements or your future goals.

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