Clarke Hair Color Review

Clarise Hair Color is a company that sells colouring solutions for professional and home use. Additionally, the product is a great line of colour protective products that help keep colour lasting and lasting.

Clarke Hair Colors has a darker range than most of the other brands on the market, but they also have the same kind of packaging and overall feel that you would get from other companies.

They have a dark blue colour signature around their bottles that give a really dramatic look, especially when you’re looking for a dark purple shade. Their websites have even picked up a few reviews on how effective Clarke Hair Colors products are, so it seems like they have a pretty solid consumer base there.

I got on the internet today and started to do some comparison shopping for my brother’s eyeshadow. After a few search sessions, I found that there were many more products on the market than I had previously thought. That made it even more fun to do! I managed to get myself a free kit from Amazon, which included a ton of eyeshadow and a brow brush.

I started with the eyeshadow first. I figured I could use the campaign Amazon had provided, and not mention my friends’ suggestions, I’d surely buy something soon! After a few days of researching everyone else’s experiences, I was still looking for a capable wet comb. However, my focus was only on the eyeshadow, and I was unsuccessful in finding anything else.

I then looked at lipsticks. I knew I wanted to have my own Cherry Pop in one of the Urban Decay makeup lines, so I tested the capacities of my testers and found myself with an uncomfortable mixture of moist and matte. Despite the effort, I found myself unable to find a lipstick that would feel as nice as the usual MAC lipsticks. I also tried several different kinds of neutral eyeshadow colours and found again, nothing worked.

I then looked at the foundation. I thought my search might be narrowed since I was unable to find anything at a reasonably low enough price to test. After some quick research of “good” and “not-so-good”, I settled on the mineral foundation. My narrowed down search turned out to be a good offer. A portion of my order was gifted to me, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The gift set included 2 bottles of mineral foundation. One was pink and white, and the other was a beige shade. I opted for pink and white. After applying the pink and white to my face, I realized immediately that the white was much darker than the pink. I looked from the counter to see if I made a mistake, but I was unfortunately not alone. More than half of the women in the store were complaining about the same thing. I quickly skipped the beige and began to browse at the other end of the cosmetic aisle.

Once again, I found myself face to face with the same colour Choices icy white walk across the entire cosmetic aisle. Once again, I found myself backed up against a wall. I looked from the front to see if there was any advice that could help me make a decision. Finally, I decided that the best choice was castor.

The next day, I made my final decision, and in the end, my daughter chose the pink and white Foundation Pick Natural.

The final result? I don’t know if I’ve fooled anyone, but my daughter loves her ‘mothers’ cosmetics. She gets her dressed up well, and when she feels like wearing something, she does it. I find myself sending her beautiful teal across shopping websites in search of potions to enhance her pretty, blonde bob. I know I’ll find another calm, pretty, pink and white Foundation Pick!

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