Bad Hair Days Are History

It seems like lately everyone is obsessed with hair. I’m sure you all remember the old sitcom commercials with the chubby, greasy- MUSTchy Mom from decades ago. Even better, everyone wanted to know how to get her hair back.

Well, the answer is simple. She just cut it.

There are plenty of times when we allow our hair to grow too long and just because we love it doesn’t mean we can’t cut it. Imagine when you kissed your spouse before you went to sleep, you’d probably tussle about the last tug of hair as you tugged closer to sleep. Rubbing your forehead with tomato-shaped dark hair is not the way to go.

Or how about if you just want to squeeze your eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger? You know the old, “I don’t have time to wax or shave” routine. Fine. Just get a fine thread and knot your brows. Scrap that! What you really want is to grab a fine thread and knot your brows in a swirl. Once you’re done, you can twirl and twist them in place until they hang in your face. If you have no twisters handy, sitting in front of a mirror with wet hands is a good way to stretch your boundless brows.

The Arch

The Arch, as we all know, is at the junction of the brows. Many people are confused between an arch and a bang. A Bang is a line of hair that cuts straight across the brow. arch, on the other hand, is a line of hair that extends beyond the brows into the hairline. Most people differentiate the two by a definite or strong emphasis on the bottom.

The brow is a critical clue to the shape of your face. Regardless of your face shape, there are always exceptions. For people with very round faces, the brow line should be strongest in the centre and taper gently toward the ears. For square faces, the brow should be as wide as possible, widening the line of the nose and sides of the square. In some instances, you may need to deform the arch to advise the brow line to follow the natural line of the face.

Lastly, for those with heart-shaped faces, the brow should become whites, Chinese, Widge, or Opal. Using a comb to define the shape of the face is a brilliant way to tame your fierce tiger stripes. If you’re dealing with a large patch of hair on your forehead, you may want to consider colouring it. There are a few permanent eyebrows that will hold up well against the googly weather and allow you to definingly draw attention to your eye area.

There are also many temporary solutions to battle the ever-growing onslaught of hair on your face. Remember, you don’t have to toss out your tweezers, and you don’t have to settle for a pencil-thin line either. If you know how to properly apply a liner or mascara, you can always decide how your brows are going to look. Moreover, if you often wear makeup, you can differentiate your brows by having one pencil smudged above the brow. It’s easy to draw attention to the slightest wrinkle in your brow when you’re wearing fashionable makeup, so don’t be afraid to trout it.

In addition to the smudge-able variety of liners, there also are eyeliner stencils you can use. One is super pointed, and it has a really funky look. Another stencil is really weird, but it looks great if you have full lips. Both of these effects are achieved with a lip liner. One can also use a lip brush to shape it, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Stay with the natural shape of your lips when using a lip brush, because it’s much easier to plump the shape of your lips with a lip brush than it is to shape it with your mouth.

On the other hand, before you get too excited, it’s important to realize that there are different kinds of lip liners, and it’s not wise to use one type for a long time. Most people use the transfer-resistant kind, which is especially helpful if you use a lip liner every day. It’s also helpful to change it up a little bit, every once in a while.

Your lips can be coaxed into expressing just how you want them to feel. Just think of the fun times that may come when they’re hanging out with friends after school. They can be so happy to see each other again after being away for all those weeks. You know you’ll feel like sharing those days with them again.

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